Updated February 27, 2021 ‐The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) agency order that operates as a moratorium on non-payment evictions throughout the United States was ruled unconstitutional by a Federal Court on February 25, 2021! We are reviewing the ruling by the Court and determining its continued application to stay non-payment evictions in Florida. The Federal CARES Act expired on July 25, 2020, but various provisions in the Act relating to the posting of notices still apply to properties covered by the Act.

We are filing residential non-payment evictions and prosecuting them in compliance with these various executive and agency orders. For properties with federally backed mortgages (FHA, VA, etc.) or that receive subsidized rent (Section 8, etc.), we are also filing residential non-payment evictions after the posting of a 30 Day Notices to Pay or Vacate. Evictions for any basis other than non-payment of rent that do not have federally backed mortgages (FHA, VA, etc.) or receive subsidized rent (Section 8, etc.) can be filed with no restrictions. Contact us at 904-374-9430 so we can discuss your specific situation and your options for proceeding.

Tenants are still required to pay their rent. However, in these extraordinary times some relief to your Tenant's may be justified. In that respect, we have posted the following forms to our FREE FORMS section that you may find useful:

Payment Plan Addendum

Waiver of Late Fees Addendum

Application of Deposit or Prepaid Rent Addendum

Tenant Coronavirus Financial Impact Statement

Sample Letter to Owners (Coronavirus)

CARES Act - Owner Representations

The following link is to the Florida Department of Health page dedicated to providing the latest information on the Coronavirus: https://floridahealthcovid19.gov/

DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is provided as courtesy and general guidance, but is not provided as legal advice by the Property Management Law Group or its attorneys and should not be relied upon in any manner for any specific set of facts. If you would like an evaluation of your specific circumstances please contact us at 904-374-9430.

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